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PostPosted: Tue Jul 31, 2007 10:04 pm 
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How do I play the music?

I use a AAC+ encoder, which gives better audio at low bitrates, but not all audio players can handle it. Older versions of iTunes can't, for one, although it appears newer versions of iTunes can play the station. Or if all else fails, try clicking on the "Listen Now" button marked "MP3 128Kbs."

Winamp will work fine on Windows: http://www.winamp.com/player

Mac users can try VLC Media Player: http://www.videolan.org/vlc/download-macosx.html

Windows Media Player can play AAC+ streams with the plug-in available at http://www.orban.com/plugin/

For a more in-depth discussion, see "How to tune into Yggdrasil Radio" at viewtopic.php?t=102

Who are you guys, anyway?

Yggdrasil Radio is me, Rick Adams, chief cook and bottlewasher around here. I do the programming, web design, choose the music and run the station.

This mysterious "registration code" required to register for these forums -- care to tell me what the bleep it is?

Sorry about that. We were having trouble keeping out spambots with their oh-so-helpful links to websites involving Russian mail-order brides, the undraped female form divine, and/or various interesting pharmaceuticals. I'm hoping no spambots are listening in to find out the sekrit code is ybdc380fx or we're all gonna be in trouble.

The forums don't recognize that I'm already logged into Yggdrasil!

Logins and registration for these forums are completely separate from the main station website. Sorry about that. You'll have to create an account here, too.

The website "Now Playing" page says you're playing Megumi Hayashibara, but that's Aya Hirano I hear. What's up with that?

Because of buffering, there's a variable delay between you and the station that might be as much as 43 seconds, and that throws things off. The "Now Playing" display will fix itself before too long.

How do I make a request?

Click on the "Playlist" menu tab, then browse around and navigate to music you're interested in. Then click on the "Request" button. Or, type the anime, artist or song title you're looking for into the search box, and click the "Request" button for any song that displays. You may make two requests every 40 minutes.

How soon will my request play?

When you make your request, you'll meet Belldandy (or maybe Urd), who will tell you if your request succeeded, and if not, why. If the request was granted, it will play as soon as possible after any requests ahead of yours play through. Belldandy will helpfully tell you how many requests, if any, remain to be played before your song.

I did a search for music from Tengen Toppen Gurren Lagann, and found zero songs! How could you ignore the most significant anime of all time? WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK I AM?

Actually, we have lots of Tengen Toppen Gurren Lagann music, but it's filed under "Tengen Toppen Gurren-Lagann," with a dash. If you are searching for something and nothing comes up, try using a sloppy one-word search like "Lagann" or whatever, and then use those results to fine tune your search.

Some of the Gundam music is filed under "M" (for Mobile Suit) and some is filed under "Gundam," which similarly confuses people. Search for "Gundam" and you'll see all the music from all the various Gundam series.

No, I looked carefully, and you really don't have what I'm looking for. Why don't you have any music from [name of anime] or [name of artist]?

I might not have ever found any of that music, or I might not know about it. Song suggestions are always welcome. Look for the "Song Suggestions" thread in the forums.

The website said that music from Naruto was coming up, but now it's playing something from Every Little Thing instead?

The "Coming up..." display only lists anime series for music coming up that's associated with an anime. There might be some general Jpop, or some game music not associated with an anime that's coming up before that.

The "Coming up" line varies... sometimes it lists five anime, sometimes two... what gives?

The "Coming up" line shows the anime associated with the next eight songs coming up. But some of those songs may not be associated with an anime (they might be from a game, for example), so the number will vary.

Wow, you've got a song I'd really like to have! Can I download it from you?


Fine, be that way. Where can I download music from, then?

Try these sites, they're pretty good:


What are those funny little bits that play between songs sometimes?

Those are little snippets from various anime that I put on the station, just for fun. They might be familiar catchphrases from your favorite anime character, eyecatches, or even funny dialog.

Every once in awhile my music player starts "buffering," and the music stutters. Help!

This is usually due to temporary connectivity problems with my audio streaming host. One thing that often helps is to stop your player for a few seconds, then restart it.

The timestamp in the Intercom is different than my time. What time zone are you in?

I'm in Minnesota, so that'll be CST time zone, GMT-6:00.

If enough people vote 'thumbs down' on that horrible song 'Sarabai,' will you get it out of the playlist?

No. I suppose if I got enough negative votes on a song, I might consider either editing or removing it, but there are various songs on the playlist that I happen to like, even if some others don't. Sarabai stays. :)

What about Utamaru Ekaki Uta?

That stays too. Nya.

Some songs have "[Yggdrasil Edit]" in the title. What's that about?

Sometimes I will mix in a little dialog from the scene in the anime in which that song was played, or do some other fun little modification.

Anything I should know about this "Intercom" thing?

Hm, let's see. The /me command works just like IRC. Some character combos will cause a substitution of some reasonable Unicode, such as <3. If you hover over names in the "Online" list you'll see what country everyone's from. If you type a message to someone with their name in it preceded by a @ sign, it'll be highlighted on their screen. That's about it.

Help! I mistakenly typed something into the intercom that I meant to type into the search box, and now I feel like a big dork!

That's what the "Undo" button is for. Click on that to erase the last line you typed. There! All better.

I like you. Can I give you money?

Sure. There's a "Donate" link on the menu for the "Yggdrasil Webhosting Fund."

If you want to help offset my costs, please do. If you don't want to, that's perfectly fine. There are plenty of non-monetary ways to contribute to the station, from making song suggestions, posting useful stuff on the forum, to even just giving me an encouraging word on the intercom.

This is my hobby, and I'm having a great time doing it. I'm not in this to make money.

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