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 Post subject: Song Tagging Guidelines
PostPosted: Sun May 24, 2009 8:37 pm 
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This will be a mess for a while as I work on it. Here are guidelines for properly tagging songs for the station, as I remember them:

Engrish If the tag contains English words, render them with proper English spelling, ie, "Rinbu Revolution," not "Rinbu REBORUUSHUN" or whatever.

Capitals to denote katakana There is a common convention by which katakana romanization is denoted by all caps, like AISU KURIIMU. Let's use title case instead. So according to this and the previous rule, that'd be "Ice Cream."

Psuedo-groups No, Konya wa Hurricane is not by "Priss and the Replicants." Try to use the actual names of the singers, or the real-life name of the group if possible. A lot of artists use psuedonyms or stylized forms of their name, like MELL, Lia, Tommy february6, etc, and that's fine. But if it's "Catch You Catch Me" sung by "Sakura Sakamoto," that's the in-anime character name and wrong for sure.

Yes, I have songs by "Girls Dead Monster" in the playlist right now, so I'm not consistently applying this rule either.

Wacky capitalization A lot of song titles and group names use strange capitalization conventions. "ChOOSe mE or Die" by "Tommy february6" comes to mind. We're sympathetic to this, as long as whatever we use is consistent. Look at the group's actual official website if you can, to see if they're really serious. You can't go by the capitalization used on Wikipedia, because they have an artificial rule that forces "normal" (ie, Western) capitalization.

If the title is mixed English words and Japanese words, or all English words, and the English words are in all upper case, change them to title case.

Use of ~ Song titles of the form "Believe ~Eien no Kizuna~" are popular. These should be changed to the form "Believe ~ Eien no Kizuna."

Japanese particles such as ni, wa, e, ga, etc, should be lowercase. If you don't know enough about Japanese to know which are the particles, don't worry about it. I prefer 'wo' to 'o' for purely subjective reasons, ie, I don't even know myself why I prefer one over the other. If you don't know what I just said, again, no worries.

Also, use 'ou' for a long 'o,' not 'o-' or 'oo.' This doesn't apply to words like 'honoo,' where the 'oo' actually denotes a 'no' followed by an 'o.' Again, if you have no clue what that's all about, relax.

Name ordering Use Japanese name ordering (last name, first name) for Japanese names, and Western name ordering (first name, last name) for names that look Western. Thus, Lisa Komine vs. Mizuki Nana. If the family name is in all upper case, change that to title case.

Type of song The "Info" line is used to denote opening theme, ending theme, and so on. Normally the first opening theme is "Opening theme," the second is "Opening theme 2," and so on. Similarly, "Ending theme," then "Ending theme 2." There's also "Insert song - episode 23," "Character song (Ayanami Rei)" and "Image song (Ayanami Rei)" Yes, you use the character's name here, not the voice actor/actress name, which goes in the "Artist" field.

Multiple artists If there are more than one artist listed, separate them with commas. Thus, "May'n, Nakajima Megumi, Sakamoto Maaya."

Keywords such as "denpa," "christmas," etc. They can't have embedded spaces, and are separated by spaces, ie, "denpa christmas cheerfullybadsinging." You can make up new keywords or use existing ones. If I like your new keyword, I'll use it.

Year We want the year, if you've got it.

More rules as I think of them.


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